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Dr. Lauren Casey is recipient of two major doctoral scholarship awards, the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, and the Integrated Mentorship Program in Addictions Research Training (IMPART). She is also a nominee of the prestigious Trudeau doctoral scholarship award.
She has been an invited speaker at conferences worldwide, including the University of California Los Angeles Center for the Study of Women (UCLA), the American Society of Criminology (Boston, MA), International Conference on Public Policy (Milan, Italy), Academic and Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health (Boston, MA). International Conference on Addiction Research and Therapy (Las Vegas), International Harm Reduction Conference (Bangkok, Thailand) and Office on Women’s Health (Washington, DC).
Dr. Casey is a seasoned International Recovery Specialist known for offering tailored sessions to empower individuals in achieving their life goals and overcoming obstacles. With a compassionate approach, Dr. Casey provides guidance and support to those seeking assistance on their journey towards personal growth and success. Dr. Casey’s memoir “Recovering Dreams: Finding Freedom with an Unlikely Guide” will be published in the fall of 2024

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Tailored Services

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We start with a discovery call. We find out where you are at, what your history is, a little bit about your biography such as background information, family – all of the basics.


Then we decide what area you want to focus on. Is this something you're interested in moving forward with? 


You get to customize a package that works for you, that is open and flexible where I am available whenever you need to talk. 


Much more than a recovery plan, together, we will create a Life Plan based on where you want to be, not where I think you should be. 


The most rewarding experience in my life is seeing your results. When someone reaches back out and says, 'You know what, you helped me so much. Thank you.' 


That's the gift, when people come back and say thank you. That is 1000% why I am here.

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