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Lectures & Keynotes

Transformative Keynotes and Lectures with Dr. Lauren Casey
Empowering Journeys in Recovery and Beyond

Welcome to a World of Empowerment and Insight with Dr. Lauren Casey


Join Dr. Lauren Casey, an acclaimed international recovery specialist and esteemed academic, on a transformative journey through her insightful keynotes and lectures. With over two decades of dedicated expertise in recovery and beyond, Dr. Casey stands as a beacon of knowledge and inspiration, touching lives across the globe.


Engaging Topics Tailored for Every Audience:

  • "Recovering Dreams: Journeys of Empowerment": Dr. Casey, inspired by her upcoming memoir, shares powerful stories of overcoming challenges, guiding audiences through paths of resilience and freedom.

  • "A Global Perspective on Recovery": Her extensive international experience brings unique insights into cross-cultural treatment and recovery strategies.

  • "Crisis Management in Diverse Contexts": She equips organizations with strategies to navigate complex challenges, focusing on resilience and adaptability.

Recognized Excellence:

  • Award-Winning Scholar: Dr. Casey's academic rigor and groundbreaking research in recovery and health policy have earned her prestigious scholarships.

  • Global Speaker: Her voice echoes in venues from UCLA to international stages in Bangkok and Milan, offering profound insights into recovery, resilience, and health policies.


Why Dr. Casey is the Ideal Speaker for Your Event:

  • Rich Professional Experience: Dr. Casey's vast experience, including her work with incarcerated women and individuals from underrepresented groups, offers unparalleled depth and understanding.

  • Customized and Impactful Presentations: She crafts each session to resonate and inspire, meeting the unique needs of healthcare professionals, academics, or anyone seeking personal growth.

  • A Fusion of Academic and Real-World Expertise: Her talks blend scholarly knowledge with practical applications, forming a nexus of learning and real-life insights.



  • Innovative Recovery Coaching: Dr. Casey emphasizes strength-based methodologies and resilience in her international recovery coaching, transforming lives.

  • Academic Contributions: As an author of numerous academic book chapters and articles, she demonstrates her dedication to research and expertise in the field.


Awards & Accolades:

  • Celebrated for her significant contributions in health and research, Dr. Casey's awards and scholarships underscore her commitment to making a meaningful difference.



  • Her work in journals such as the Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy and Qualitative Health Research reflects her extensive research and thought leadership.

Join Dr. Casey for an enlightening experience that promises to be more than just informative, but transformative. Her keynotes and lectures are pathways to understanding, empowerment, and recovery. Book now and ensure your event is marked by a lasting, positive impact.


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