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About  Dr.Lauren Casey

Professional Qualifications


Over the past 20 years Dr. Lauren Casey has worked professionally with several regional, national and international organizations committed to the reduction of health inequalities in society. She has created, developed and delivered successful government-funded harm reduction programs, and has been the recipient of several awards for her contribution to the betterment of health and wellbeing of individuals from diverse background across the globe. As a recognized expert on health research, she has published numerous academic book chapters and scholarly articles on the subject.


Dr. Casey has also developed treatment strategies, policies, and programs to assist individuals who are experiencing substance use disorder in the sex industry. She co-founded the Canadian National Coalition of Experiential Women (CNCEW), a consortium of women across Canada committed to the advancement of equality and human rights for sex workers. She was Executive Officer of the group. During her tenure with CNCEW, Dr. Casey was lead investigator of the Stop the Violence National Strategy. This initiative, funded by Status of Women Canada, piloted, and tested a culturally sensitive harm reduction model of alcohol and drug abuse specifically for women transitioning out of the sex industry. The program, entitled Sex Workers Addressing Treatment (SWAT), received international recognition, and resulted in Dr. Casey’s nomination for the Kaiser Foundation National Award for Excellence. The program is now being delivered throughout Canada, the United States and Africa. 


In the United States, Dr. Casey has developed programs and services for incarcerated women and has delivered workshops to women and youth at a variety of detention centers and federal and state prisons throughout California. She was also an invited guest speaker at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the American Society of Criminology and the Academic Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health held in Boston, MA.


Specialities include International Recovery Coaching, Public Speaking, Research and Teaching.



Benoit, C., Smith, Michaela, Jansson, M., Magnus, S., Ouellet, N., Atchison, C. Casey, L., Phillips, R. Reimer, D., Reist, D., Shaver, F. (2016). Lack of Confidence in Police Creates a “Blue Ceiling” for Sex Workers’ Safety. Canadian Public Policy 42(5), 456-468.

Casey, L. & McGregor, H. (2012). A Critical Examination of Experiential Knowledge in Illicit Substance Use Research and Policy. Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy 3(5),1-9.

Jansson, M., Benoit, C., Casey, L., Phillips, R. & Burns, D. (2010). In for the Long Haul: Knowledge Translation between Academic and Non-Profit Organizations. Qualitative Health Research 20:131-143.

Strega, S., Casey, L., Rutman, D. Sex Workers Addressing Treatment (2009). Women’s Health and Urban Life 8: 42-53.

Awards & Honours


2015 Academic & Health Policy on Correctional Health – In Recognition and Support of Academic Achievements in the Advancement of Criminal Justice Health

2014 Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, University of Victoria, Doctoral Scholarship Award, Victoria, BC

2012 University of Victoria President’s Scholarship Award, Victoria, BC

2012-2013 Intersections of Mental Health Perspectives in Addictions Research Training (IMPART),Canadian Institutes for Health Research – National Doctoral Scholarship Award, Vancouver, BC

2011-2012 Integrated Mentorship Program in Addictions Research Training, Canadian Institutes for Health Research – National Doctoral Scholarship Award, Vancouver, BC

2011-2013 University of Victoria President’s Scholarship Award, Victoria, BC

2010 Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia , University of Victoria, Doctoral Scholarship Award, Victoria, BC

2008 Award of Excellence in Addictions, the Association of Substance Abuse Programs of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

2007 Jannit Rabinovitch Memorial Award, PEERS Victoria, Victoria, BC

2005 Award of Excellence – Four Pillars Approach to Harm Reduction, Deputy Commissioner/Correctional Services Canada, Ottawa, ON

Black Background
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